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Reaction to first votes on music submissions.

Posted by applefleas - May 5th, 2010

Well... after nearly a month of waiting, my music and profile have finally been approved and my music is now officially a part of the newgrounds.com community. Im excited to read any and all reviews. So far, however, I find that I am getting a LOT of poor votes for two (out of three) of my songs. Which is fine...

One of them, entitled Rougher, is a rough draft of a song that I can no longer access due to the save file being corrupted (and subsequently deleted). It was done all in one sitting so I wasnt expecting crazy reviews for that one due to the rush job.

The more refined, though not mastered nor properly EQ'd, Nova Prospekt, however, is getting similarly disappointing scores. I was told a while back when I was composing it that the beginning dragged on a bit and nothing interesting happened until the breakdown area. So Im guessing that is what's sticking into people's sides. I dont know for sure, these are all guesses and they're all based on my own criticisms of the song(s).

Somber Nightly Stroll has been getting some good scores and already garnered a review. Im processing the criticism the person laid out and Im reviewing it all in my head. I like what he had to say, he/she didnt just blurt something out like, "Sounds good but I would change something," then never define that something. The reviewer stated that there was a slightly offsetting feeling from the chimey solo with the occasional rapid tapping of notes, which contradicts the norm of the ambient genre of music. If I could rate reviews, Id rate that one a 10/10!

Anyways... Still getting used to this whole setup, still making songs, still wondering if anyone will EVER read this (who isnt a troll or advertiser who is gonna send me some useless message), and still looking forward to the reaction to my next entries!

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Don't worry too much about your scores. Unfortunately there are a lot of people on the portal who deliberately zero-vote other people's music. Reviews are a better indicator of what people really think. I'll check your stuff out when I get a chance.